Bloody Kate Moss

Now in the possession of Kevin Petillo and Victoria Grant this little cardboard and oil rendered sign manifest itself through frustration. Kate came around to the house so many times that I finally decided to paint her in a pink leather jacket. Specifically I'd decided to paint her in a jacket that I knew she had begun to hate. I was hard then, cruel too and this totem was just another rally towards a world that I'd felt myself more and more distanced from. I've seen neither Kate nor the pink leather jacket since.

Oil on board (Destroyed)


No Title

Unlike Picasso I don't date every piece. This is a frustration and an ill discipline; some interior force sabotaging my bases and keeping the enemy one step ahead. Therefore I'm stepping up security and reviewing all the staff, as well as cross checking interviews with family members to find the root of all of this. Anyway the point is that this is old, at least four years old. What different does it really make? None at all, and honestly, I'm becoming dust already.